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We have been teaching for a long time, but we consider our job of teaching a dynamic and renewing experience which make us enjoy it more every time. Having worked with Ali and Katja's pedagogy method has developed our background as teachers but, also, listening to other referents in the lindyhop world such as Äsa and Daniel has expand our understanding of this dance.

The technique is important, no doubt, not just as a goal for the dance but as a tool to have more freedom of interpretiation through the movement. Questions such as what do I want to get better on? and what should I get better on? have not always the same answer. For that reason our work as teachers is to guide our students to be sincere in there goals as dancers and to offer them experiences that resolve their expectations and help them to enrich their dancing.

Are you preparing a Workshop?


We offer you new ideas for your workshop with us, trying to embrace all levels and personal lindy hoppers.  Following our phylosophy and main essence, our classes focus on conceptes such as:


 - squeeze out your lindy just following the music

 - be creative and inspire your partner

 - relax your dance and feel the swing

 - let rythm and technique be your best friends

We work on these and other ideas, let's dance together!

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